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Practicing Musicians Volume 3


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Mark appears on Guitar's Practicing Musicians Compilation - Volume III
Manic Depression
(Produced by John Styx - Engineered by Eddie Kramer )

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"Mark Hitt, arguably the best rock guitarist in America. No body does it better. Unfortunate about the demise of Rat Race Choir. If only they could have cut that album; Van Halen, Satriani, and others would have been standing in the audience in awe."

"Wow, to come across this is amazing. MARK HITT was the lead guitarist I knew and watched play guitar when he was with Rat Race Choir in New York. The only guitarist I could compare him to, with FULL honesty, is Jimmy Page, Mark is THAT talented! From literally hundreds of times I have seen him play, always blown away from his incredible style, Mark is one superior musician you will definitely want to learn from!"

More audio samples of Mark Hitt:
Mark performing with Rat Race Choir, LIVE at The Good Times Café
in Poughkeepsie NY in 1982.
The Only Thing She Needs

Mark recorded this acoustic piece one day before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. He would like to dedicate this track to the people of the Gulf Coast who were affected by this tragedy. 'Topsy' was written & played in the same tuning as 'The Rain Song', by Led Zeppelin, only a full step lower - C, F, Bflat, F, Bflat, C, respectively.

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