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ARD ARD Custom 100 Watt Head built by Ric St. Pierre at Wizard Amplification in Canada.
Hand not included.

HIWATT head HIWATT 100 Head. Circa 1979.

Fender Tonemaster head Fender Tone Master - 100W head, cream.

Marshall Combo Marshall 30th Anniversary 6101 - 100 Watt Combo.
Made in limited quantities in 1992.

Plush Head PLUSH head - circa 1970

ARD speakers ARD Cabinet with 4x 25W Celestion custom speakers.

Dean 1000 Series Flying V Dean 1000 Series Flying V
Custom built for Mark with custom wiring, black with gold hardware and jumbo frets.

Roman Quicksilver guitar Roman Quicksilver Custom
Designed for Mark in 1999. Custom wired Seymour Duncan pickups.

ES-355 1990 Gibson ES-355

ESP Telecaster guitar ESP Telecaster - Ron Wood model. Custom wiring to allow multiple phase/choice combinations. DiMarzio Rail in bridge position, mystery pickup in neck position.

1989 George Harrison Model Rickenbacker 1989 'George Harrison' model Rickenbacker.

Analog Man pedal Analog Man - King of Tone - 2 gain stages with independent tone controls.

Boss pedal Boss Dimension C pedal - VERY retro.

Vox Wah pedal Vox Wah Wah - modified with Clyde McCoy custom coil.

Analog Man Chorus pedal Analog Man - Bi Chorus.

Hiton Volume Pedal Hilton 'Pro Guitar' volume pedal.

Star Picks Star Picks - Orange - Light/Medium.

Ernie Ball Strings Ernie Ball Strings - Skinny Top Heavy Bottom, with custom D gauge 26.

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